About Dr. Paul

Dr. Paul Gross grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan with two great sisters and two great parents. Throughout his childhood he suffered from severe asthma, food allergies, and seasonal allergies. He believed that he was just a person with a “weak” immune system. This all changed in 2009 when he sought out chiropractic care for carpal tunnel syndrome. When Dr. Paul asked if the chiropractor could “fix” him, he said this: “I cannot fix anything that is wrong with you. What I do is remove interference from your nervous system and let your body function as it is meant to – perfectly!” In just a few short weeks Dr. Paul went from acute pain and chronic immune dysfunction to happy, healthy, and pharmaceutical free.

Dr. Paul received his bachelors degree in Medical Anthropology and Religious Studies from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec in 2009. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia in 2014.

With an ethos of perpetual self improvement through chiropractic, Dr. Paul has become an avid endurance athlete, completing 3 Ironman triathlons, an ultra marathon, and 8 marathons. You can catch Dr. Paul and his lovely wife Susannah around Atlanta running, swimming, biking, or walking their sweet rescue pup Lucky. Feel free to ask him about the chickens that used to live in his Grant Park backyard. He is so excited to be building a healthy community in the heart of Cabbagetown.